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General Motors Transmissions 4L80E Direct Drum Problem using a Reman Drum . Input Drum Pump and Reverse Drum Valve Body and Pan Case and Components. Your other option is, if you're going with an aftermarket torque converter anyways, is to have the torque converter made with the correct offsets and mounting pads to bolt up to the stock 4. 050 wider than the TH400 sprag race. This is a pic of a 4L80E Direct drum with a 34 Element Sprag. The 400 and 4L80-E are limited on the thickness of pump shim material that can be added. Alright now we're gonna work on the direct drum on the 4L80 transmission and whats the first thing we do. 00 third, and 0. 060"), 1 Top Pressure Plate (. These parts are constructed from top-of-the-line materials for excellent fit and strength. Direct drum molded piston type (1997-up). 7. 77 4L80E Forward Drum Repair . #06-29 4L80E Center Support Bushing Wear Rapid wear of the center support bushing may lead to direct drum/ support ring land contact and destruction due to a poor surface finish of the sun gear shaft. 370) and 1 Snap Ring. Here's a list of mods and the current symptoms. 00. A ring cut drum is a smoked drum. $125. 059" thick direct plates, which help provide doubles resistance to failure in high performance applications. 72mm Orifi ce). Transtar now carries the new Aftermarket GM 4L80E Forward Clutch Drum with Ring Gear for years 1997 and up. 236. The 4L80E Race is taller for the 4 Intermediate Clutches vs 3 on a TH400 & will not fit on a TH400 Direct Drum. We offer a variety of Th400 Sprag for your automotive needs. Check out the install here! The heavy-duty direct clutch drum (left, top • New Round Cam Direct Drum • New Center Support • New Sonnax Boost Valve • All new wiring harness • New EPC Solenoid • New Pressure Manifold. The EXtreme Automatics™ Stage 3 4L80E includes: Billet Vasco Input Shaft Billet Vasco Main Shaft Billet 7075 Aluminum Super Sprag Direct Drum 36 Element Intermediate Super Sprag Billet Forward Pressure Plate Billet Intermediate Pressure Plate Billet Direct Pressure Plate Billet Overdrive Planet 34555eak - 4l80e used direct drum. TH350 Iron Drum/HD Sprag Assembly JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. 99 Feb 10, 2017 · The control system is the same for all 4l80e's with 1 exception. PLUS a 300M Hardened input shaft. Yes of course, it is made in the U. 75 overdrive. Dr. New Borg Warner low/reverse spring and roller. Excessive shimming at the pump will push the forward drum off the rings and result in a burned forward clutch. Custom direct drum with 36 element “Pro Mod” sprag. JEGS 62054 Part Number: 555-62054. 95 choose the direct drum with the proper piston support land height to allow enough room inside the drum for six clutches. These are the basic workings or a Simpson transmission. it has been taken apart, cleaned, and inspected. Their performance shift kits can be installed with the transmission in the GM Turbo Hydro 400 & 4L80E Direct Drum Alto Power Pack with Red Eagle Frictions & Kolene Steels This kit includes 7 Red Eagle Frictions (. HD intermediate band . This is a quality, thoroughly inspected, used direct drum with a 34 element sprag assembly. B. Show Full Signature Cristoforos Kokkonis,GM automatic transmission specialist. com for $189). 4L80E Specifications. Reverse Gear Kolene Steel Plate. 121-. Gear ratio for reverse is 2. 4L80E,TH400, 400 DIRECT NEW CLUTCH DRUM WITHOUT SPRAG OR PISTON 34555, 34555A - Find more Automatic Transmissions Parts with FREE  Level 4 4L80/4L80E- Rebuild – Rated to hold up to 1200HP. 4L80E-Pump Body. PIS06 172B Piston, Forward Clutch (Bonded With 5. The Forward and Direct clutch frictions are replaced with heavy duty performance frictions. THIS TRANSMISSION CAN HANDLE 1200 HP and can PULL A HOUSE DOWN!!! This MAD DOG TRANSMISSION is designed for lots of abuse, excellent for RACING or TOWING heavy weight. Great for a upgraded High Performance or Heavy Duty replacement. More Details. REFERENCE NO. 061"), 7 Kolene Steels (. I got to soak those clutches, there you go You know the system now presoak those clutches and now well start with the other side of the drum this is aside to brag Assembly rides on do you know what I like to do? this is a little tip whenever I do a sprag like this. 075 to . (You save ). Buy in monthly payments with   TH400 4L80E Direct Clutch Drum w/ 34-Element Sprag. TH400, 3L80, 4L80, 4L80E, 4L85E Piston, Direct (6 Clutch Late) (Aluminum, No Check Ball) A Brand New TH400, 3L80, 4L80, 4L80E, 4L85E piston. Direct clutches in 4L80E burned up, discovered during rebuild, but we knew there was a serious problem. Please try again later. CD4E Direct Drum Washer (4-Tabs) Heavy Duty . This keeps the direct drum from running off center in second gear and kiling the sprag. Billet aluminum 7075 T6 drum weighs 3. 00, plus 'hard parts',  23 Oct 2016 The 4L80E direct drum uses a sprag race that is 0. 4T60E TCC Slip (P1870) Diagnosing. The 4L80E retainer is a flimsy POS & I've seen many warp enough to rub against the direct drum in service. 4l80e 4l85e 400 th400 transmission direct clutch hub fits '82-'09. List price: Service Kit for TH400 Aluminum Direct Drum w-XL Sprag. F2529C: 6 clutch Powerglide complete Drum Kit F2530: 8 clutch Powerglide complete Drum Kit F2523S: 10 clutch Powerglide complete Drum Kit. 100D Oil Pan, GM, Bently &. Here’s an exploded view of al of the components that make up a Hughes Turbo 400 build. all rights reserved rwd 4 speed b c d e 4l80e / 4l85e Want more strength and performance for your Turbo 400 or 4L80E? Get ATF's 4L80E intermediate (2nd gear) outer sprag race. 00] Crossmember and Yoke [+$595. 085 high energy clutch plates. New output speed sensor. Horse Power: 600 (Up to 600 ft-lbs Torque) Converter: 10'' Custom Built Lock-Up Billet Racing Stall: 2600-3600 CORE CHARGE: $650 ATF: $100 4L80E (MT1) 4L85E (MN8) 91 4L80E/4L85E REBUILDER KITS C & K Pickups, Isuzu NPR Pickup 91-99, 17 Bolt Pan Rear Wheel Drive DELUXE MASTER LESS STEELS OVERHAUL GASKET & DESCRIPTION QTY. (No reviews yet) Write a Review. 97-ON 1 4L80E. JEGS 62054 4L80 & 4L80E; 4-1/2" Deep Includes: (6) 1 Quart Buy Transmission Parts Direct (24208850/24234155) Drum, 4L80E Forward Clutch W/Ring Gear (1997-Up): Transmissions & Parts - Amazon. if you find a 4L80E drum to use, make sure the correct race comes with the drum. com FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases JEGS Transmission Direct Drum and Sprag Kit for GM TH-400 and 4L80E. 4L80E drums require a good sealing ring area for good apply. 00] RWD or AWD Th400 4l80e. This travel or free-play reduces sealing ring life. All of our LEVEL V 4L80E automatic transmissions include: * 99+ 7 bolt core Included no extra charge * OEM GM lower bellhousing support included *Billet 300m inputshaft *Billet FWD clutch hub *RPM Hi-Energy clutch packs *New steel plates in all gears *Direct clutch drum with new 34 element sprag *RPM shift kit *All new bushings and thrust washers The least expensive online catalog for all your Th400 Sprag needs. 95. PIS07 173B Piston, Direct Clutch (Bonded Rubber) . This can eventually contribute to a direct drum explosion. Fully rollerized TH400. 4L80E-Front Planet. . DIY Manual Valve  Expanded Capacity Forward Clutch Drum Extra Capacity Second Gear Clutch Assembly Expanded Capacity Third Clutch Drum Heat Treated Input Shaft 4L80E Forward Drum Repair. 45mm Orifi ce). This outer sprag race is taller allowing you to install more second gear clutches. From left to right, top to bottom are: valve body, output shaft, pump stator, planetary gear sets, rear band, pump body and gears, direct drum, direct clutch pack, forward drum and input shaft, forward clutch hub, direct clutch hub, direct clutch pack, intermediate pressure plate, intermediate clutch pack. Upgrade to this snap ring for extreme reliability. When you shift a TH400 into neutral or click the engine off when you cross through the traps then the direct drum goes into immediate over-speed. 045 to 0. DRUM SAVER® PACK 84-On. No changes to drum or pump stator. WARRANTY POLICY. We have built them for applications ranging from heavy towing vehicles to 1800+ HP street/strip cars. 3 views per day, 2,007 days on eBay. Finding an old style th400 direct drum thats not $350+ is not the easiest thing to do (other than the direct drum and sprag kit from 400raptor. PIanet 146 334 335 878 242K 106 Overrun Drum 574 Overrun Clutch 336 964 564 974 877 235 575 Direct Hub 044 226 883 7 73 9 Pump Body 561 961 334 335 555 554 565 975 965 106 80 ill. 50 We offer a plethora of Th400 Sprag for your vehicle needs. Reliability will suffer. 17:1. 4l80e/th400 rebuilt direct drum*34 element sprag* with new seals and clutches. 00 Core Charge. 4T60E DTC P1870 Additional Causes . Omega Machine & Tool, Inc repairs the drums with a steel sleeve, restoring the sealing area to like new condition and maintaining OEM dimensions. 8/4L80e or similar. Find more of what you love on eBay stores! 4L80E Transmissi on Direct Drum 1991 and Up fits GM Flex plate: You will need a flexplate and spacer from ¾ ton GM truck that originally came with a 4L80E. Five (5) Kolene coated direct steels. S. This keeps the sprag from angular overrunning in hi gear which can destroy the sprag. The 4L80E has a max torque rating of 440 lb. A pump that has been resurfaced or accumulated shaft spline wear creates excessive endplay of the forward and direct drums. a. I rebuilt the entire gear train with new parts above and beyond what came in a rebuild kit (I replaced all the Torrington bearings, for example). 00 For high horsepower and ultimate 2-speed performance! Designed for high pressure applications, ATI's newest “severe duty” drum holds up to 8 direct clutches and features a billet aluminum center support and a steel insert for Teflon rings. 34555ek - 4l80e used direct drum. 6500 rpm to zero rpm is quite a hit on a rotating component. #D34886E Spiral Snap Ring for the TH400 / 4L80E 34 element intermediate sprag $ 20. Omega Machine & Tool, Inc  031756HP · TH400/4L80E DIRECT CL HP POWERPACK® 64-On 081755 · 4EAT-F FORWARD DRUM SAVER 90-On E. it will fit in all 4l80e's. The drums are then modified to accept additional friction plates and the apply area it self is altered to allow use of the entire piston area for apply in the forward drum. SKU: SC-223900B. This drum has been tested behind engines producing over 2000 horsepower/1800 foot pounds of torque. JEGS 62054 4L80 & 4L80E; 4-1/2" Deep Includes: (6) 1 Quart The 4l80e will have a smooth inner race direct drum,something that the th400 will need to be upgraded. 093” steel plate, and 6 . 6 DOHC, 76mm, Drag Radials, Manual Trans-brake V. This kit includes our exclusive billet direct clutch piston, new lip seals, 6 Exedy High Energy Frictions and 6 Steel plates. This is another small improvement but the rpm differential between these two drums can be profound, so it’s a worthwhile modification. 55% less than the OEM drum. GASKETS. SKU: 1371B; Condition:  We machine the forward hub and install a torrington bearing between it and the direct drum on all 4L80E builds. The 4L80E transmission is the advanced progeny of the legendary TurboHydramatic TH400 automatic transmission, and is based heavily on the 400 in both parts and strength, yet featuring an added overdrive gear, a lock-up torque converter and advanced electronic controls. Billet steel stator tube assembly. GM 1991-UP 4L80E 4L85E TRANSMISSION DIRECT DRUM 5 CLUTCH CAPACITY SunCoast provides complete transmission rebuild kits for Dodge, Ford, & GM. PART# GM 4L80E TRANSMISSION STAGE 4. 3-4 Clutch Failure Part 2. 00 Add to cart; 42RE / 46RE / 47RE / 48RE, Overdrive Direct Wave Snap Ring $ 4. to/344eILp 30 Jan 2019 How to dual feed direct clutches and rollrizing Rear case on a 4l80. Gardner Car and Truck Repair Automotive Parts and Accessories for Cars and Trucks. OEM Application is 97-UP Will work for all years 4L80E and Will Also retro fit and work in most years of the THM400 Turbo Hydromatic 400 Transmissions Drum, 4L80E Direct Clutch W/Sprag 1991-Up . this is a completely remanufactured 4l80e/th400 direct drum. 45. this product is currently out of stock. Technical Information . FITS ALL YEARS SKU: $149. HP3242K. The drum has been drilled for the bleed hole 1/16" I believe. 73. SRK01 201A Turbine Shaft to Forward Drum Normal component wear allows excess forward and direct drum travel. Wear at the direct clutch drum bore in GM 400, 4L80-E and 4L85-E units allows 3rd and Reverse apply oil to exhaust. please call our office for assistance. $3150. HUB FORWARD 4L80E 91-UP (used) Hughes Performance part number 25-3X is an Extreme Duty Street/Strip 4L80E transmission with full manual shift, transbrake, and a forward shift pattern (P-R-N-4-3-2-1). 4L80E-Pump assem – 2004's and up. Buy Now! This TH400 Billet Aluminum Direct Drum is manufactured specifically for drag racing. 700 Tips. 10 Oct 2017 How to get the clutches out, the piston out and the sprag off the back. The transmission is built from bottom to top, starting with the bushing for the output shaft, and moving up through the unit from one sub-assembly to another. With 36 element sprag . Anyway I've found some 4l80e direct drums on ebay for under $100 and they are all the smooth sprag style drums. DRU03. Multiple warehouse locations in Las Vegas and the East Coast gets you transmission parts fast. How to Rebuild Your GM Transmission: TH400 Assembly Guide Now that the case is cleaned you are ready to start transmission assembly. 4L80E LIKE NEW COMPLETE O/D SET PLANET,DRUM,SPRAG,ROLLER,SNAP RING. That's where a billet aluminum direct drum comes into play. Convert your 4L60E to a 4L80E!We provide sales New Round Cam Direct Drum • New Center  22 Jul 2015 Direct Clutch Drum, TH400. This drum fits all TH400 and 4L80E transmissions. 48 first gear, 1. TH400 Locking Snap Ring for Direct Drum- ATF's high performance Spiralox locking snap ring holds the sprag assembly together. CSI Automotive Sales, Service & Parts. FTI Performance automatic transmission direct drums are built for the rigors associated with world-class racing. Testing the drum on the bench is almost impossible without this tool, and air testing it in the trans leaves you wondering if it is leaking or not GM 4L80E Forward Clutch Drum w/ Ring Gear Transtar Part Number: A34554EA. If you're using the factory PCM this is pretty straight forward, just have it loaded with a 80e tune from a Chevy Express 4. Failure of the intermediate stub shaft and direct drum are almost inevitable when listed Ford transmissions are pushed to the limit. The 4L80E is the descendant of the “Ole Reliable” TH400 transmission. Comes complete with: Billet aluminum piston and 3 Sure Seal sealing rings. TH400 FORWARD CLUTCH HUB, BILLET STEEL ALLOY (ALSO FITS 4L80E) TH400 ALUMINUM DIRECT DRUM (7075 BILLET) ASSY. 4l80e 97-up Direct Drum Rebuilt Molded Piston 34 Element Sprag Th400 Clutch. 00 722. 4 Feb 2019 When installing steel plates of a different thickness in a clutch drum, does it matter A holding or static clutch, such as a reverse or forward clutch, applies and 4L80E Transmission MaxPak Performance Rebuild Kit 91-96. Stock 4L80E’s benefit from 40+ extra years of research and development. 059 direct drum assy w/super sprag, 5 clutch intermediate (99-up) Direct fit for all 1997 and up 4L80E transmissions. 00] TBSS 4L70E to 4L80E Conversion Options . T400 2-Speed “Severe Duty” Kit #407057 $1295. That's good to know, thanks. You will have to swap shift shafts, and either make new cooler lines, or run adapter fittings(91-96 had both cooler lines up front and used 5/16" lines, 97+ had one in the front and one in the rear and used 3/8" lines). 50. 4l80e intermediate cl powerpack® 91-on: 031757ahp: 4l80e intermediate cl hp powerpack® 91-on: 031758hp: gm 4l80e 90-on overdrive clutch powerpack® 043757: th200/th200c/th2004r direct cl powerpack® 057301: th700-r4 oei® servo pin (modified) 82-on: 057757a: 4l60/4l60e 3/4 cl powerpack® 82-on: 057757b: 4l60/4l60e 3/4 cl powerpack® 82-on Add extra clutch-direct clutch drum . 21 Oct 2016 Because the forward clutch housing now bottoms out on the direct clutch housing , the bearing will also manage any additional thrust encountered  TH400/4L80E Aluminum Direct Drum & Extra Large Sprag. Aircraft grade quality 7075-t6, billet aluminum direct drum, eliminates 4. FITS 4L80E). EXtreme Automatics™ 4L80E Stage 2 Up to 1000HP The EXtreme Automatics™ Stage 2 4L80E includes: Billet Hytuff® Input Shaft Billet Hytuff® Main Shaft HD Iron Aluminum Super Sprag Direct Drum 36 Element Intermediate Super Sprag Billet Intermediate Pressure Plate High Performance Frictions Billet 4340 Forward Clutch Hub EA Super Pump Pressure All of our LEVEL IV 4L80E automatic transmissions include: * 99+ core Included no extra charge *Sfi Reid Modular Bellhousing *Bellhousing adaper *Case machined for bellhousing adapter *RPM Hi-Energy clutch packs *Direct clutch drum with new 34 element sprag *RPM shift kit *New steel plates in all gears *All new bushings and thrust washers 4L80E transmission direct drum 4L80E transmission hard parts 4L80E transmission rebuild kits 4L80E transmission bands Check out our TH400 assortment to find TH400 Complete Pump Assembly,Turbo 400 Aluminum Forward Drum & Input Shaft with Modified Lube Circuit at a great price. Free Shipping on all domestic orders Shop in 4L80E-Transmission-Parts- from Phoenix Transmission Parts. Related products. Features and upgrades include:Billet steel input shaftBillet steel intermediate shaftForged steel forward clutch hubCustom direct drum with Pro Mod 36 e 4L80E-Pump assem. These transmissions mate a three-element turbine torque converter to a Simpson planetary geartrain, providing three forward speeds plus reverse. By doing this the direct drum and sprag assembly is forced to run on the transmission center line. The direct clutch hub can commonly be damaged from contact of the clutch teeth. Core Charge [+$350. 91-93 4l80e's used a different pressure control solenoid that required a clean8ng cycle every 10 seconds where the solenoid was stroked from full open to full closed and back to normal operation. $400. If you acquire a 4L80E direct drum be sure to . PIS02 SEALING RINGS Kit Shaft Sealing Ring Kit . Transmission service and repair tools. This drum is the molded piston type and is a direct replacement for the OEM product (24234155). 100 clearance on the direct clutch, the Alto Red Power Pack clutch's directions say . 34555K. Price: $34. 48 second, 1. 4l80e direct drum*1991 up*new hd clutches&steels&molded piston*fits all 4l80e's - $159. -ft. Will fit years from 1991 - UP. Selective . 56 New GM 700R4 Reverse Input Drum Clutch Housing 700-R4 4L60 4L60E 4L65E 4L70E 4L75E 1987-Up gm transmission parts 4l80e 1997-2003 Updated Transmission Valve Body With Transgo Shift Kit Complete And Updated & Pan Gasket And Filter Usa Mt1 4l80e $ 299. At Jake’s Performance the 4L80E is our most popular transmission. Comes complete with: Billet aluminum piston and 3 Sure Seal sealing rings; Billet aluminum 7075 T6 drum weighs 3. MSRP: Now: $99. OEM. Additional hard parts and electronics not included The forward and direct clutch friction plates are replaced with heavy duty performance friction plates. This is a 4L80E Drum That Fits 97-UP Automatic Transmisson Applications This is a Quality Complete Reconditioned Foward Drum It is common for this part to have damage to the Direct clutch hub, which also acts as a pressure plate for this drum. Gm 4l60e 4l65e 2000-up Input Drum 300mm Shaft 30 You have components spinning at engine speed in 3rd gear or even greater speed in 4th, that will come to a complete stop instantly when the trans shifts to 2nd. 88 $63. Ford C4 Direct Drum Clutch Plates Our nitrided steel plates for Ford C4 applications includes (5) . Whereas there are great 4L80E’s are readily available at the local wrecking yard or on Craigslist. 094" Thickness (34301-094), GM. Five (5) Raybestos forward steels “Solid” Teflon center support and pump rings. DESCRiPTiON QTY. Custom 36 Element Drums are available, Not needed on most  26 Aug 2017 GM's 4L80E overdrive automatic is the latest in a continuing legacy of rugged The 700-R4 became the 4L60 that meant four forward speeds (4); and a The overrun clutch drum and new overdrive roller clutch are  Custom direct drum with 36 element “Pro Mod” sprag. Aug 26, 2017 · The 4L80E, which entered production in 1991 for trucks, was conceived on the heels of the 700-R4 and 4L60, although it shares quite a bit with the tried-and-true TH400. This oil leakage can result in direct clutch failure, delayed or no 3rd/Reverse, slips in 3rd or no 4th Gear, and the various slip codes noted above. 25 + Free Shipping . removing the return spring calls for a special spring compressor, but I was able to make due with my handy quick clamps. 4l80e 4l85e ' 91-' 08 4-speed automatic transmission with 17 bolt pan: direct drum '91-'08 5-clutch type; without sprag; aftermarket; fits these 4l80e & 4l85e equipped chevy, gmc, & hummer models: #66BD. 4l80e Th400 Direct Drum Rebuilt Wnew Automatic; 4L80E | 4L85E 031756HP - TH400 4L80E Transmission Direct Drum Red Eagle Alto Power Pack 1964-95 . Tagged: 4l80e Direct Clutch . Early TH400 Drums are getting scarce, Buying a Complete 4L80E Drum is the best option. I am trying not to have a terribly harsh shift to hold the Drag Radials tight? 4L80E Transmission Direct Drum Dog Bone Sprag Type,4L80E Transmission hard parts,4L80E transmission rebuild kits 4L80E Th400 Hi Performance Heavy Duty Direct Drum Rebuilt 34 Element Sprag Alto " PicClick Exclusive Popularity - 10,566 views, 5. GM 4L80E Overdrive Planet and Input Shaft 4 Slot Spline 2nd Design 28th . If you acquire a 4L80E direct drum be sure to have the correct race, too. Part Number: GDE–536888 . 00 Add to cart; 6L80E 4-5-6 Clutch Snap Rings 3 New Sizes Now Available 195250-065 195250-081 195250 $ 5 TH400 Components The TH400 has recently become one of the best selling transmissions for high horsepower racing setups thanks to many new product designs. List price:  If you have a Late TH400 (Direct Drum), Buy a Early Drum or a 4L80E Drum. Line Pressure Booster Kit 4L80E-LB1. Jul 05, 2012 · If you are going to be using a production 4L80E direct clutch drum, the following combination of parts will get you very close to the recommended clutch pack end clearance. 4L80E Direct Drum Complete Molded Piston Contains All Related Parts Piston , Intermediate Sprag , Steels , and Pressure Plates Limited Supply - Few On Hand * If Shows No Stock - Email Us To Check Availability * This Drum Fits 4L80-E Automatic Transmisson Applications 1997 and Up This is a Quality Complete Reconditioned Direct Drum Jun 08, 2020 · Find FTI Performance Automatic Transmission Direct Drums F4038 and get Free Shipping on Orders Over $99 at Summit Racing! Racing requires high performance parts and quick reactions. Buy JEGS 62054 at JEGS: JEGS Transmission Direct Drum and Sprag Kit for GM TH-400 and 4L80E. The problem is a shortage of good used 4L80E drums, so someone came up with a way to convert the GM 400 Roller Clutch style drums (they are easy to find because nobody wants them DRUM. (Includes complete drop in set up) Currently there are no reviews for this product. Used and Recycled Auto Parts For Sale Automotive Parts On 4l80e Th400 Direct Drum Rebuilt Wnew (Bonded With 4. Forward shift pattern same as Power-Glide. HP3243K. Forward and Direct Kolene Steel Plate. RWD 4 Speed B C D E 4L80E / 4L85E Pump Body Stator Input Shaft A Forward Drum Direct Drum Front Band Intermediate Clutch Rear Planet Main Shaft Rear Ring Gear New Ford Direct Drum fits 2003-2004 5R110 #1 failure of this transmission!!!! Causes 3-5 Flare& Burnt Direct Clutches; MTS Replaces every time we build this unit TH400 / 4L80E High Performance DIRECT DRUM W/34 ELEMENT SPRAG INSTALLED. tpd pro-line. $ 30. Add to Compare Everything listed in Stage 2 above, PLUS we ROLLERIZE the entire gear train to include needle roller bearings between all of the following components-case to rear planetary set, direct drum to center support, forward drum between clutch hub and drum, and between forward clutch hub and direct drum. Depicted here ts the difference between a five-disc-capacity drum and a` six-disc unit. 4L80E Th400 Hi Performance Heavy Duty Direct Drum Rebuilt 34 Element Sprag Alto " PicClick Exclusive Popularity - 10,566 views, 5. GSK01. Share your opinion with others, be the first to write a review. Direct replacement. Transmission repair diagnostic software Upgrade your 4L80-E input shaft to our custom 300M heat treated input shaft. 080”steel plates,1 . also prevents drum explosion for durability and safety, with billet steel sleeve to prevent premature sealing ring wear in drum bore. A. 22. Jan 31, 2013 · Ok so i just checked my direct drum because i heard that you're supposed to have a check ball in the drum and the piston and i found that i only have the check ball in the piston and there isn't one in the drum. Th400 4l80e Billet Aluminum Direct Drum 66bd For Sale Online. $ 4. 5. Jan 30, 2019 · How to dual feed direct clutches and rollrizing Rear case on a 4l80. Does not come with teflon sealing rings or o-ring. Turbo 400 Aluminum Forward Drum & Input Shaft with Modified Lube Circuit. Intermediate Kolene Steel Plate. Will fit all 1991 to 1996 models if 1997 and up reverse servo cover is used. This reduces sealing ring, clutch, bearing, and thrust washer life. The 4L80E direct drum uses a sprag race that is 0. Direct drum is about 14 lbs in a 4L80E. In 94 they changed to a solenoid that didn't require it. If you use the T-400 outer race on the 4L80E drum , you end up with aprox . 118-1400 Includes: All upgrades listed above plus Pro Mod Direct Drum with 36 Element Super Sprag. $713. 55% less than the OEM drum; Holds up to 6 frictions with a TCS billet apply piston; Utilizes a 34 element high performance sprag The Novak Guide to the GM 4L80E Automatic Transmission Introduction. Conversion Harness [+$270. HD no walk case bushing . The 4L80E drum uses an outer race that is . Do You have a Good Idea You would Like to Submit ? 34555dk - th400 used direct drum. Fits all 1997 and up 4L80E center lube transmissions. 00, plus 'hard parts', if any (Based on customer supplied core) Please note, hard parts for the 4L80E can get extremely expensive, so we cannot offer a "ceiling" on hard parts cost for them, as we do other units. 3 flex plate. Add to Cart. CD4E Direct Drum Bushing 4L80E 4L60E The input shaft is locked to the reverse and high clutch drum, the input shell, and the sun gear. 443 A C 4L80E (MT-1), 4L85E (MN8) 4 SPEED RWD (Electronic Control) Revision 06/2019 The direct drum is the one that can potentially cause a problem. 95 sale price $109. SunCoast Performance 800-868-0053 Mon - Thur 7:00 - 6:00 PM CST | Fri 8:00 - 5:00 PM CST Florida - Central Time 4L80E 4L85E 070 034 500 510 036 530 140 127 100 VF,V 4th Clutch 120 040 3 127 335 128 960 560 970 038 178 551 52 Stator 545 311 037 561 2 2 126 Direct Clutch Pump Parts 341 O. Other auto manufacturers have used the THM400 and its 4L80E successor,  1 4L80E. 8/5. view Forward Clutch Drum; Direct Clutch Drum; Geartrain; Case Preparation; Valve Body; Unit Assembly; Language: English Format: PDF Pages: 100. 4 ALTO Clutch Pack (New) 1983-97 (71752) $ 48. Guaranteed lowest price! Open 24x7 - Same Day Shipping! $10 off $299+, $20 off $599+, $30 off $799+, $100 off $1,599 Orders A Brand New 4L80, 4L80E & 4L85E drum. Holds up to 6 frictions with a TCS billet apply piston. Washer, Forward Clutch Drum,TH400, 4L80E,4L85E, GM. BTE’s aluminum direct drum, Vasco input shaft, and valve bodies have been used by transmission builders around the world to improve the strength of their turbo 400 transmissions. regular price $109. DRU05. Planets Forward Direct Drum Case and Valve Body Stator Pump : TH400 - BEARING - DIRECT DRUM - Used in between the reverse ring gear and output for OEM and between the cut forward clutch hub and direct clutch drum (optional build) 405701 $12. The 4L80E has proven reliable like it’s predecessor. Price: $49. Five (5) Borg Warner “Tan” forward frictions. Apr 19, 2018 · The 4L80E is it’s direct descendant. New and Used Car and Truck Parts and Accessories On Sale 4l80e Th400 Direct Drum Rebuilt Wnew May 03, 2008 · My General Set-up: 600-750 RWHP 4. Line flows past the clearance of #14 land into the #14 circuit, through #14 orifice in plate [92up] and is then regulated by the EPC. - burnt oil, metal particles in oil, overheating, etc. If you acquire a 4L80E direct drum be sure to  ATF Billet Aluminum Direct Drum with Larger Pro Mod Sprag • ATF Custom Shift Kit Valve Body (Computer Shifted) • Alto Red Eagle Frictions • New Bushings 16 May 2018 HP3241B. Jan 28, 2014 · The 97 will go into the 94, but a 94 will not go into a 97. There are a few tricks to make that drum and clutches live and one of the important ones is set the front endplay tighter than stock (Stock . Monster Transmission provides transmission parts for all transmission year, make, and models. add to cart. 39 lbs. NV3500 Manual Transmission. It comes with the spiral retaining ring and 34 element heavy duty sprag assembly. you can install this drum into 4l80e's where the original was an aluminum piston version. New and Used Automotive Parts and Accessories On Sale. In need of some troubleshooting advice for the problem I'm having with my TH400. bec #: 34555dk. Washer, 400/4L80E Forward Hub To Direct Drum(Metal)64-Up (Also Fits AT540/AT545 Forward Hub To 4th Range Drum) 4L80E Direct/Reverse drum tester This tool allows for air testing the direct and reverse hydraulic circuits of the drum with 100% confidence. Lube Regulated Pressure Regulator Valve 34200-14K. 700R4/4L60/4L60E Tips . Keep in mind, this drum must still retain that smooth inner sprag race as well 4L80E / 4L85E Performance Transmisssion Parts TH400 Aluminum direct drum with 34 element Condition: New; TH400 Aluminum Direct Drum - 34 Element Sprague. Five (5) Borg Warner Hi Energy direct frictions. TH400 / 4L80E Billet Aluminum Direct Drum. This kit includes 7 Red Eagle Frictions (. GM Turbo 400 Direct Clutch Drum 4th Clutch Housing to Case Bolt, TH400/4L80E (1990-UP). The gearing to move such a heavy load is a 2. All kits are California compliant, and for most models we offer either the standard or enhanced kit. 4L80E Competition Components. I just went straight in as I mentioned before, this mod worked as advertised. com FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases Wear at the direct clutch drum bore in GM 400, 4L80-E and 4L85-E units allows 3rd and Reverse apply oil to exhaust. 040", tighter is . In reverse line pressure goes to the rev land of the pressure boost valve. GM 4L60E 4L60, 4L65E, 4L70E 700-R4 -2-4 SERVO ASSEMBLY. view 4L80E Direct Drum Set Complete with new Borg Warner high energy clutches . Total Transmissions Chicago good used 4L80E direct drum 1997-up bonded piston. 045 wider. Kit includes complete powerflide high drum with clutches, steels, billet piston, clutch hub, and snap ring 50 general motors 2008 automatic transmission kit & components catalog ©2008 parker hannifin corp. 3-4 Clutch Failure Part 1. part type: 34022 - th400 4l80e front band. Ross-LockTM gen 3 pro tree direct port patent pending billet aluminum valve body with adjustable servo cover. 4 L 80 E /4L85E 34300E Rear Wheel Drive Chevrolet & GMC Trucks & Vans, G10, G30, Astro, Safari, Blazer, GMC Yukon, 4l80e Direct Clutch Drum With Sprag 97-up Chevy Gmc Truck Transmission . 4L80E direct drum with spiral snap ring Add to Cart. HD kevlar rear band . For We machine the forward hub and install a torrington bearing between it and the direct drum on all 4L80E builds. GM THM 4L80E ATRA MANUAL Repair Rebuild Book Transmission Guide 4L80-E PDF free online Transmission Rebuild & Overhaul Kits Here at Transmission Parts Masters, we offer a full line of Transmission rebuild/overhaul kits of the highest quality. There are very few clean Th400 transmissions that have never been rebuilt. SHOP NOW For Your BTE Turbo 400 Pro Mod Steel Drum with 36 Element Sprag other super drums that have used OEM outer races from 4L80E transmissions BTE TH400 400 Turbo Trans Direct Drum with 34 Element Sprag BTE443900. TransGo even has kits for computer-controlled, 4-speed automatics. Some Rolls Royce . This kit is what we use on our 4L80E packages up to 800 Ft Lbs of torque. BTE's new aluminum TH400 direct drum is the perfect combination of weight reduction and durability improvement. 700R4 / 4L60 Aux Valve body Fix . turbo hydramatic 4l80e; coa-102410 - front pump to clutch drum washer . (used) DIRECT CLUTCH HOUSING (4L80E 91-UP) (TH400 with CHECK BALL, has SPRAG TYPE RACE) img#555 Item #U34555E: $107. transmissions: th400. **Note to Buyer** Thank you buyer, for purchasing from us. You will use your orignal direct clutch drum, spring retai Buy Transmission Parts Direct (24209311) Drum, 4L80E Direct Clutch (w/o Sprag) (1991-Up): Transmissions & Parts - Amazon. It has a thinner intermediate pressure plate, frictions, and steels. The Reman\Converted drum is pictured on the left & the stock-used left is on the right. Pricing: $1035. EXtreme Automatics™ 4L80E Stage 3 1600HP and UP. This TH400 Billet Aluminum Direct Drum is manufactured specifically for drag racing. $ 55. 91-ON 1 4L80E. 4l80e/4l85e 4x4 *reman* aluminum transfer case extension tail 4l80e transmission overrun clutch drum with sun gear fits '91-e'01. YEAR KIT O/H KIT KIT KIT SEAL KIT To order Kits with all Borg Warner frictions, use a ‚KB™ prefix instead of the traditional ‚K™ prefix. 9. When EPC is Jul 26, 2006 · The 4L80E piston and put it in the TH400 center support? Then do you use the 4L80E frictions and a combination of TH400 and 4L80E steels to find the right amount of clearance? I would like to try this because I have a 6 clutch direct drum and have modified my forward drum piston for 6 clutches. This process is shown Direct drum return spring compressor: https://amzn. Not a good plan. GM Turbo Hydro 400 & 4L80E Direct Drum Alto Power Pack with Red Eagle Frictions & Kolene Steels . 4L80E-Fwd Drum – Empty / Loaded. This is another small improvement but the rpm  Turbo-Hydramatic or Turbo Hydra-Matic is the registered tradename for a family of automatic transmissions developed and produced by General Motors. 4L80E-Input Shaft. (0) Reviews: Write first review. Is not having the check ball in the drum going to cause any problems? The drums pictured above is a 4L80E direct drum (also called high/reverse). 5lbs of rotating weight from transmission, with 10 times more strength. Allison filter conversion kit . Up to 1000 lb-ft of torque. Be Core charge . You can see the difference of the piston sup-port height. It shares many components and design features. Use an aluminum clutch piston with the minimal overall work surface height @ . The 4L80E uses 4 intermediate clutch plates instead of 3 like a TH400. This can occur on any year 4L80E (or 400) but is more common on 97 and later due to the reduced shaft to support bushing contact area. ACDelco 4L80E Direct Clutch Drum Sprag Style 4L85E Automatic Transmission GM 33803 - ACU-24209311 ACCOUNT CONTACT MY CART. Aug 08, 2013 · You can think of this trans as basically a TH400 with a 25 percent overdrive tacked on. 95 sale. Transmission ComponentsTH350 iron direct drum w/ HD 36-element sprag assembly. Rear case retainer and bearing kit. Free Shipping on All Transmission Parts & Rebuild Kits Orders Over $35. 015"). Torrington bearings between the planets, center support and front planet, center support to direct drum, direct drum to forward hub, and forward drum to pump. Just remove the snap ring, then the bacing plate 5 frictions, 5 steel plates and one cushion plate. Other benefits are less harmonics in 1st and 3rd gears and reduced wear between the drum and center support. 310" OD Roller 91-2/01 $177. TH400 roller clutch and early design sprag unit Jul 05, 2010 · Parts that will interchange are the rear band, center support, direct drum (as an assembly), forward and direct clutches and the intermediates are similar. YEAR PART NO. Most folks over look this little item _____ Mar 24, 2017 · This feature is not available right now. JEGS Transmission Direct Drum and Sprag Kit for GM TH-400 and 4L80E. 50 440-T4/4T60E/4T65E Snap Ring Holds 2nd Clutch Beveled Pressure Plate in (84873B) this pump has been upgraded & will retro fit all 4l80e transmissions. The springs won't coil bind in service as the Intermediate Clutch itself will limit the pistons travel. Product information for 34838-TL 4L80E, TH400 Direct Drum Sleeve Installation Tool. Special extra wide pump bushing/stator . Military Hmmwv. 812B Direct Clutch Drum (w/o Sprag) 91-ON 1 4L80E. 060 side clearance. $69. Drum, 4L80E Direct Drum, 1991 (NO Sprag or Race) Drum, Direct (5 Clutch) (w/o Sprag)Drum only-No Race or sprag included Product Details $117. $159. 89 Find TransGo Performance Shift Kits 4L80E-HD2 and get Free Shipping on Orders Over $99 at Summit Racing! TransGo's Performance shift kits give you the hard-launching, tire-blazing shifts you want, after just a few hours' work with basic hand tools. Core Charge: 4L80E Parts 4L80E (Parts Not Pictured , kits, manuals, etc) Click on a section to Time to rebuild the direct drum! here are the frictions and rear band soaking in ATF while I rebuild the direct drum. They also benefit from not being so old. New, Used and OEM Automotive Parts - Large Inventory - Great Prices 4l80e 97-up Direct Drum Rebuilt Molded Piston 34 new gm direct drum assembly with 34 element borg warner sprag • FITS 4L80E OR TH400, 5 OR 6 CLUTCH, MACHINED W/ 4 APPLY PASSAGES, (PISTON AND CLUTCH KIT SOLD SEPERATELY), 6 CLUTCH USE COA-22830 PISTON W/ COA-22201 CLUTCH KIT, REQUIRES OEM PRESSURE PLATE, SNAPRINGS, TH400 SPRING RETAINER AND SPRINGS, FOR TRANSBRAKE USE COA-22042 SPRING KIT Jan 26, 2015 · The big boss needs a new transmission for his 1961 Chevrolet Bel Air and we deliver by installing the Gearstar 4L80E. 4l80e 2wd tail housing output shaft 1997 & up gm Custom direct drum with 36 element “Pro Mod” sprag. 4L80E SUPER COMP DIRECT DRUM WITH 36 ELEMENT SPRAG This drum uses factory OEM clutches and steels. FOLLOW ME Facebook:  26 Jul 2017 Dual feed the direct clutches on a 4L80E transmission. 50 Add to cart; 4L80E Overrun Clutch Drum Return Spring and Snap Ring Set $ 26. 327 total views, 1 today I didn't drill the hole atan angle because I had no real way to hold the drum rigid enough, especially considering the small bit size (as noted). 4L80E. The drums are then modified to accept additional frictions and the apply area itself is altered to allow use of the entire piston area for apply in the We are proud to offer our billet direct clutch piston kit. inventory low - 2 left. The unique steel and 7075-T6 aluminum construction reduces mass for improved performance and safety, but also retains its strength with a unique bolt in steel center. This trans is prone to reverse and 3rd gear issues. This oil leakage can result in dire. To maximize durability and improve clutch capacity in heavy-duty/performance vehicles, Sonnax offers Smart-Tech direct clutch drum and shaft kit 76656-01K, the first upgrade to eliminate every critical weakness. of torque, giving it a max load capacity of 18,000 pounds. prevents rear case thrust failure . 4L80-E Transmission Direct Drum Sleeve Kit 34838-01K. Borg Warner 34 element input sprag. This will fit any year 4L80E as well as the TH400. The 4L80E transmission was mostly used in 34- and 1-ton trucks and larger SUV applications beginning in 1991. 34 element sprag kit, 2nd gear . 610”, 5 . The direct drum in a th400 and 4L80e is the weak link (same part in both transmissions). CD4E Snap Ring Holds Reverse Clutch Pressure Plate In (96892C) $ 5. Appreciate the help! -Stock Th400 case -CK Performance RMVB 1st gear transbrake -4L80E Direct Drum w/ 34 element sprag -Dual feed mod with bleed hole in direct drum gm 1991-up 4l80e 4l85e transmission direct drum 5 clutch capacity. , 3400 #'s, My Transbrake directions say . Rated @ 1,400 HP/TQ. Kit. Immediate failure due to case, direct clutch drum or piston breakage. 4L80E-Direct Drum – Empty / Loaded** 4L80E-Rear Planet $75** 4L80E-Drive Train $175w/out center support** 4L80E-Drive Train $260 w/center support ** Four (4) 4L80E Kolene coated intermediate steels. 4l80e direct drum

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